They are actually sooo good ngl I’m on a cut atm so I shouldn’t really have them yet but they came today and I just couldn’t resist the pistachio ones and f*** me they are sooo good, like I was thinking about it all you have is Reece’s coated in what Americans call chocolate and it’s gross, but you have made a nice chocolate cup that has 11g protien in it for around 200cals 🥹

Kurtis B

Such a delicious protein sweet. You can't resist this taste. One of my favorite snacks, the whole pack (42g) has just over 200Kcal and lots of protein. I would buy them again and again


These are the best PB cups ever! And they are high in vegan protein too. I only wish there were more vegan flavour options!

Cat P

As a huge fan of Nutry Nuts I was super excited to try the brand new flavour - Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and safe to say, I wasn’t disappointed! The texture, the rich milk chocolate, the Hazlenut butter, everything about these cups is perfect! Pre-warning though, these are addictive I’m sure a whole box will be demolished in no time!


I’m a fan of these amazing White choc PB cups 🤩 They are soooo delicious 🤤😍 and ofc love the fact that this snack is low in sugar and high in protein. ⚡️

Bianka F

Well hello there! It seems you've stumbled upon a little secret of ours - we know our products look absolutely insane! But we can't really blame you for falling head over heels for their stunning appearance. And let's not forget that they're all packed with PROTEIN, making it even harder to choose which one to try first, right? Well, fear not my friend, because we've got the perfect solution for you - our Variety Box! It's like a mini buffet of deliciousness, giving you the chance to try them all and find your new favourite. So go ahead, indulge in the insanity and enjoy every bite!


First Protein Nut Butter Cup brand launched on the biggest healthy food online store, Musclefood.
Our 3 iconic flavours, Milk, Dark and White Chocolate peanut butter cups are available in all Panda Supermarkets in Saudi Arabia